Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Are you interested in learning how YOU could be earning free money? Well i'm here to help! Over the years I have found what works, and what is complete crap. Follow along as I update everyday on a new way for you to earn money fast! Not all may work for you, but there will be something for everyone.

About Myself
My name is Jacob. I am a sophmore at the University of Central Florida where I intend to major in Biology. My hobbies include photography, fishing, canoeing, camping, hiking, kayaking, and hanging out with friends. I am huge into outdoor activites and have a strong love for animals. I currently work at an Einstein Bagels on campus.

Blog Goals
I'm creating this blog to share my experiences with others on how to earn money fast. I am no expert, but I do have some experience with what works and what doesn't! I want to teach you how to make money free from your home. This is not intended to get you rich, but some extra money on the side is always helpful. Follow me as I help guide you to earning some extra cash!


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